Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?

Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?
Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?

Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?

Well, this is a very big question but I’m 101% sure that, it would be answered on this platform…

Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?
Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?

So what actually motivated me in writing this post?

Before I proceed, I’d love to tell you that, I love learning and very much opened to criticism therefore, I stand to be corrected.

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It was a cool evening, I had to get some drinks from a store around because my fridge was visually staring at me; it was empty.

Took my car key and headed straight to a store close by.

I was about entering the store when I  overheard some kids arguing with all seriousness and the big question was Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge? (Of course they were kids, it was not the exact question but at least it was what they meant).

I paused from a little distance, pretended to be busy with my phone by typing on a blank screen, but was actually enjoying their conversations.

Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?
Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?


1st Boy: examination no doubt is the true test of knowledge, of you are a failure in school examination, then you are actually a failure

2nd Boy: You talking like you don’t have senses or even seen the gate of any school

3rd Boy: (To the first boy) is it because you came 4th position in your class you feel you are intelligent?

1st Boy: Education is power, if you are dull in school or keep failing examinations then you are dull forever.

3rd Boy: Then what are you going to say about Ben Carson?..

And then, I had to come in because, they were actually miss in the whole point.

What? Knowledge and Intelligence?

No, no, no, you don’t confuse yourself with these two..

Now, I had to brief them on what knowledge and Intelligence means. And also answered their question.

I answered their big question “Is examination A True Test Of Knowledge?” while answering what knowledge actually is.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the information, facts familiarities or awareness gotten through education or experiences.. It could be practical or theoretical.

So the answer to the question “Is School A True Test Of Knowledge?”  Is A Big Yes. School/Examination is a true test of Knowledge.

School is a place meant for all kinds of education so they test your knowledge after each session to know if you are/were familiar with what they have being teaching you.

So at the end of each school academia session, you failed a subject, well that means you were not familiar or had much knowledge on that particular subject.

But hey, in case you failed any subject, or you failed totally, that doesn’t mean you are dull or not Intelligent.

  •  Some are knowledgeable but not intelligent while some ain’t putting much interest to being knowledgeable but are very intelligent.
  • Most are knowledgeable but can apply their knowledge or what they had acquired in school into reality.

Some of these juggernauts in the coding world such as programmers, and those who made some breakthrough inventories were even dropouts.

Starting from Bill Gate who later went back to school after acquiring lots of money from his inventions, Mark Zumark zuckerberg of Facebook and lot more.

Now what is Intelligence

Intelligence is the process of putting to reality your acquired knowledge and skills.

If you can’t make good use of your knowledge, then you are neither smart nor intelligent.

Education can be done everywhere. You might learn a thing or other while walking, playing or doing anything at any point in time

Most of the inventors and Juggernauts in huge apps had there knowledge somewhere, decided trying it out and boom!! They land where there are today.


In conclusion to the question Is Examination A True Test Of Knowledge?

Yes, school is a true test of Knowledge but not Intelligence.


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